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Our Story

A Girl Looking at a Physics Model

The Owner

Having a strong passion for creativity from an early age, I can remember doing my first stringed art in the form of a ship at the age of 11.  I was fascinated by the simple thoughts of banging those nails into a piece of wood, wrapping the thread around those nails, and creating a beautiful piece of art.


Sass Uniquely Yours was evolved to venture into a new way of exploring my talents and utilizing my finite detail-oriented skills in crafting unique items.


Here at Sass Uniquely Yours it is our promise to provide you, our customers the best and highest quality services.  As we serve you, we do hope you will enjoy our products as much as how we have enjoyed creating them for you.


With thanks, dedicating my dreams and passion to my dear parents for always believing, supporting my dreams, and as a constant reminder that dreams do not work unless you do it - “Don’t put your dreams on a shelf, but explore them”.

I would be remised for not reminding myself that “starting out is the hardest, but I really do not know how far I can go, until I take the first step”.


Next Chapter…I am stepping out in Faith and Favor…

“Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful, and believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you”.

Misty Copeland




Sass (Always Sassy) Uniquely Yours

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